Through the ages undefined and on pages uncounted for, man has always tried to solve the jinx and fix this complication called marriage.

For the Starters and much before we continue with the post, please do not just FOLLOW me BORROW me.

Accept the inalienable truth that ‘Age and wedlock tame even a wildest man’. So don’t be surprised or perplexed by the way your life has turned after getting married, live on dude you have company.

For Appetisers we have a few FACTS and for Main Course a few ACTS that can help us salvage the remnants.

Fact # 1. Marriage is like a phone call in the night: first ring, and then you wake up. Surprised but it is like a dream which you only can dare to have in the nights for day dreaming ‘also’ can leave you seeking mental asylum.

Fact # 2. Marriage is give and take. You’d better give it to her or she’ll take it anyway. Live with the fact that it is you who always have to give and also end up taken from.

Fact # 3. The secret of a happy marriage remains a secret. Still the best kept secret.

Now that we know that WEDLOCK is indeed a LOCK till the END (may God have mercy) let us try unlock and continue to live under the assumption that light at the end of the tunnel will soon be switched on, just waiting for her.

Till then the below

Sutra # 1. Compromising does not mean you are wrong & your wife is right, it only means that safety of your head is much more important than your ego.

Sutra # 2. To win a fight in a ring, you should be a good wrestler. But to win a fight with a ring on your MIDDLE finger, you must be a good loser.

Sutra # 3. Realize and digest the fact that once upon a time, GIRLS used to cook like their mothers. But now they DRINK like their fathers. So ALWAYS be prepared who knows she might even outrun you it is in their BLOOD.

Sutra # 4. Why Sex? Isn't Love enough, Isn’t love in the air? "Air is everywhere, But numb nut we still need a fricking fan to feel it". Get on with it and much before anything know that ‘You might be the one wearing the pants in your family but it is your wife who controls the zipper!’

Sutra # 5. The capacity of survival is not just being vigour but staying safe even of the rigorous times. Use a rubber else bear the thudded.

Sutra # 6. If things go wrong and you contemplate SUICIDE, plan it in a way where you jump from HER EGO level to your [IQ] level.

Sutra # 7. The 7 year itch. When something itches you scratch which is natural but moron this is not about sex but a warning that the expiration date of your relationship is nearing and you need to have a fresh prescription or even change the doctor.

Sutra # 8. Just cos she drinks more than you doesn’t mean you deprive her of booze, you twit know that one such global poll revealed that women are impressed when her guy offers them wine on a date. Just to let you know a date with a non-alcoholic drink is like a porn movie playing on the radio even while the actress is sitting right before you. All of this for the talk that is after. ;)

Sutra # 9. Remember, Nothing is prewritten and nothing can be re-written. So just live with what you have rather cavein with your cravings, just understand that a sunset here is sunrise on the other end of the world! What appears to be the end may actually be a new beginning!

Sutra # 10. Always be interactive than reactive. Just for the starters Study shows that a normal Indian Man speaks only for 34mins to his wife in a week. For I agree how long does it take to say, YES, NO or Hmm. For the late starters am talking abt talking talk and not fighting talk.

All being said and made fun of, marriage as a relationship is a union heading for disaster if both the individuals have a mindset of only wanting to take and not give. It's as predictable as the darkness after sunset.

Thus and without much of fuss get on with it and venture into the darkness (may god be with you). he he.